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New Construction

To turn our client’s vision into reality, we translate their unique requirements into technical specifications. Submitting these to carefully selected yacht builders, we negotiate the most favourable terms. The result is the very best yacht on the very best commercial terms.

Our experienced team acts as the owner’s representative for the commercial and technical aspects of constructing a new superyacht. Because we’ve worked with the world’s leading yacht builders, we can give clients valuable advice on the selection process before construction begins.

As custodians of our clients’ yacht building projects, we protect their interests throughout the process and help them create a valuable asset. This is why so many of the world’s most important individuals and families choose Royale Oceanic to deliver their Superyachts.

Previously Owned

Buyers demand different things from their Superyachts, and we help them find the perfect match from the vessels available anywhere in the world. For sellers, we market yachts worldwide to find a buyer and manage the sale process.

To maintain the discretion and confidentiality our clients demand, we conduct much of the searching and selling process ‘off-market’, drawing on our knowledge of the opportunities available and our network of contacts.

This proactive approach, coupled with impartial advice and complete discretion, is the reason clients choose Royale Oceanic to buy or sell previously owned Superyachts.

Owners Representative Services

For sellers, Royale Oceanic will prepare the necessary specification and material for the vessel to be marketed and advertised worldwide. Once a buyer is identified we will manage the wholesale/purchase process together with the seller’s and buyer’s legal representatives.

In order to save the client unnecessary costs, before we embark on a marketing campaign we circulate the yacht’s details to a database of people we know may be interested in a purchase. This is conducted using in-depth market intelligence and close, robust relationships with key individuals and organisations in the industry.

Yacht Surveys

Royale Oceanic’s extensive experience enables us to provide a global service for the survey of new and existing large luxury yachts, as owners, yacht brokers, banks, insurance companies and others require. We have a reputation amongst many of the world’s leading financial institutions for the most robust, impartial, accurate and reliable marine surveys.

All our surveyors are fully qualified marine engineers, masters and naval architects with extensive seagoing, ship management, design and operating experience. To meet the need for a fast and flexible service, our worldwide rapid response programme delivers consistent, professional and efficient surveys on yachts in any location worldwide.

Yacht Valuations

Our yacht valuation service often works in conjunction with our survey department to provide yacht valuations for existing and new vessels. Typically for identifying the strategic options for refurbishment or upgrading, sale and purchase, loan securitisation, asset protection, budgeting and market research.

Our valuations are carried out by experienced analysts who have comprehensive detailed intelligence of the current and forecast yacht market conditions. They can, therefore, formulate the key information required by clients seeking valuations of their yachts.

Usually, valuations are commissioned by owners and their representatives, yacht brokers, banks and financial institutions and insurance companies. In providing reliable valuations, as in so many other facets of the superyacht sector, Royale Oceanic is again considered to be the market leader.

Expert witness Services

Thanks to our extensive knowledge of yacht design, construction and operation, coupled with our highly qualified professionals, Royale Oceanic are often called upon to act as expert witnesses or provide commercial and technical advice to law firms, insurance companies and other parties involved in yacht building, yacht operations or other areas of dispute.

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