We believe the day-to-day operation of a yacht should always remain in the control of the captain. Our operational support services leaves them free to keep the vessel running smoothly, safe in the knowledge that they have a team ashore ready to provide support as and when required.

Key Areas

  • Keeping the yacht up-to-speed with changes in legislation and codes of practice
  • Tracking the yacht's position and receiving daily position reports
  • Renewing the yacht's trading certificates
  • Receiving and processing crew and guest lists and the yacht's official mail
  • Supplying bunker fuel, lubricating oil and technical spares
  • Appointing port agents
  • Helping with victualling and hotel services
  • Preparing and monitoring budgets, cost control and financial reporting
  • Finance
  • Commercial management
  • Arranging insurance for hull and machinery, protection and indemnity and crew medical insurance
  • Casualty investigations, insurance claims and dealing with disputes

Because we all follow the superyacht industry closely, we take great personal pride in creating yachts that are truly groundbreaking.

Howard Lowe - Project Manager