Royale Oceanic’s Technical Services are recognised as a leading firm of Marine Engineers, providing the full spectrum of marine engineering services to the Superyacht industry.

Owners, Captains, Crew, ship builders, repairers and Superyacht related companies across the globe benefit from the expertise and support given by Royale Oceanic’s Marine Engineering and Electrical Engineering, in a variety of new build, conversion and refit functions.

Typical Marine Engineering Services include:

• Engineering design and specification
• Propulsion systems - design and appraisal/evaluation
• Auxiliary machinery selection
• Systems design
• Design appraisal
• Conceptual design of marine engineering systems
• Supervision of machinery system installations
• Technical investigations into equipment and system failures
• System design and development for new rule compliance
• Electrical systems design
• Drawing approval
• Planned maintenance systems
• Diesel electric systems
• Gear drives
• Shafting arrangements
• Azimuth drives
• Water jets
• Optimisation of machinery systems for new Superyachts
• Upgrading of machinery systems for existing Superyachts
• Technical support in High Court action arbitration claims

Typical Electrical Engineering services include:

• Design of electrical distribution systems
• Electrical load balance analysis to aid in sizing of electrical plant
• Design of vessel automation systems including power management
• Research into future electrical engineering concepts for modern Superyachts