We support our clients during the entire superyacht construction process, or we can offer support for particular stages - depending on their needs.

  • Stage 1 Statement of requirements
  • Stage 2 Concept
  • Stage 3 Specifications
  • Stage 4 Reviewing and selecting capable shipyards
  • Stage 5 Tendering process
  • Stage 6 Contractual negotiations and signing
  • Stage 7 Construction phase
  • Stage 8 Sea trials (acceptance and delivery)
  • Ongoing Operational management
  • Statement of requirements

    To construct a new large yacht it’s essential to have a clear statement of the owner's requirements. Key features and performance criteria will all determine the design, price range and the most suitable shipyard. So we value the personal input of the owner at the very earliest stages of a project.

  • Concept

    For most owners this step is very exciting. This is where the vessel’s shape and form are drawn and their vision starts to become reality. We work with leading design houses and our own naval architects and marine engineers to ensure a buildable concept is developed early on.

  • Specifications

    Developing a detailed specification is made easier using Royale Oceanic's data bank of design and construction projects. Our shipyard engineers, naval architects and engineers create all the performance and tendering specifications in-house. So our clients always benefit from our experience.

  • Reviewing and selecting capable shipyards

    Superyacht owners often prefer a particular shipyard, based on brand recognition or their previous experience. We’ve worked with many of the world's leading builders of bespoke yachts and carry out a detailed review of all capable shipyards before issuing invitations to tender.

  • Tendering process

    The tendering phase relies on the commercial knowledge of the people approaching the selected shipyards. Our experts put together a detailed tender package and issue it to suitably qualified and experienced shipyards.

  • Contractual negotiations and signing

    This crucial phase can move quickly, so we manage the process carefully, keeping everyone informed of progress. Aligning the build specification with the yacht building contract is vital, even under the pressure to sign the contract. A small change could easily add unacceptable time and costs to the build phase. To avoid problems later, we work closely with the owner’s team and a marine lawyer experienced in large yacht construction contracts. 

  • Construction phase

    During construction, we offer full project management and technical support. For example, project management includes commercial management of the contract to cover milestone payment sign-off and delay claim negotiation. And techinical support includes selecting sub-contractors, managing interior outfitting, and inspecting paintwork.

  • Sea trials (acceptance and delivery)

    This is often the most exciting stage of the shipyard phase. We manage sea trials and co-operate closely with the owner's legal team and marine lawyers to manage acceptance and delivery. To ensure a smooth handover from build to operation, our project managment team will be joined at this stage by their surveying colleagues and our yacht management team.

  • Operational management

    During the construction phase, we can take care of the decisions that will affect operational use. These include flag state requirements for either private or commercial status, manning, supplies and spares.