Designing and constructing superyachts demands great expertise. As the first and only organisation in the industry to be accredited as a Member of the Association of Project Managers, Royale Oceanic helps clients take the vital technical, legal, commercial and financial decisions that will deliver the vessels they require.

  • Introduction

    We use our project management expertise to help clients with the construction of new superyachts.

  • References

    Some of the superyachts Royale Oceanic has worked on, and projects that are under way.

  • New projects

    Featured superyacht concepts and projects available from shipyards.

  • The process

    Royale Oceanic can help clients throughout the new construction process - or for just some of the stages.

We pioneered total project management in the superyacht industry - an approach that takes clients’ exacting needs and ambitions into consideration from concept to completion.