Royale Oceanic’s Technical Services are synonymous with Naval Architecture, Engineering and Superyacht design.

The company has been involved in many of the major Superyacht projects conceived and constructed over the last 20 years, working with the major styling houses and the leading superyacht yards of Europe. Some of our most recent projects are award winning designs, where we have undertaken tasks from Naval Architecture to plan approval and client representation at the shipyard.

Royale Oceanic offers the most diverse range of services to the marine industry including:

  • Design Services Naval Architecture Design Services
  • Powering Analysis Naval Architecture Powering Analysis
  • Stability Analysis Intact and Damage Stability
  • Naval Architecture Design Services

    Concept Design
    Artists Impressions and Renderings
    General Arrangements
    Lines, Plans and Surface Definition
    3D Rendered "Fly Past"
    Computer Visualisation / Bridge Sightlines
    Technical Specifications
    Selection of Contractors
    Evaluation of Tenders
    Final Design
    Design Approval
    Model Testing
    Supervision of Construction
    Sea Trials

  • Naval Architecture Powering Analysis

    Resistance Prediction
    Propeller Design
    Model Testing
    Lines Optimisation
    Full Scale Trials
    Open Propellers
    Ducted Propellers
    Water jets

  • Intact and Damage Stability

    Intact and damage stability calculations.

    New building concept and conversion feasibility studies assessed in respect of stability issues.

    Preparation of stability documentation and guidance in conjunction with senior officer training and the conduct of workshops/ lectures on stability issues.

    Attendance at model testing and the preparation of supporting calculations.

    Damage Stability Calculations can be undertaken using both the Probabilistic and Deterministic methods.