Over the past year, the team within Royale Oceanic Yacht Management have been working on the latest edition of the software for the Safety Management System and are eagerly rolling it out across to the fleet of yachts.

OnBoard 3 has been designed to be used on both iPads and computers, allowing crew to easily log the necessary information whilst on the move.

“We understand that crew can’t spend too much time sitting behind a desk to complete the required ISM paperwork so we have tried to make things that little bit easier. Checklists can be completed from the iPad from anywhere on board. You can even log a defect report from the location, take a photo and automatically add it to the safety meeting agenda” – Sam Russell

We believe that the operations of the yacht are as unique as the yacht itself and a one-size safety system doesn’t fit all. Therefore, the yacht manager will work to make each checklist and document unique to that vessel. Crew can request changes to the documents at any time and the yacht manager will update the documentation in line with changing legislation.

If you would like to have a demonstration of the new safety system, please don’t hesitate to contact Peter Edwards on peter.edwards@royaleoceanic.com or +44 333 202 7154