Offering owners independent technical oversight during a new-build, major refit, routine maintenance or conversion project, Royale Oceanic's Howard Lowe has a solid background in naval architecture and the ability to step in at any stage in the life of a project. 

Committing himself in full by spending many weeks away from home and being ‘on-site’ as much as possible, Howard gains the trust and understanding of a shipyard, its work-force and its culture, as quickly as possible and soon becomes regarded as an invaluable asset to a project.

Not only does he act as Project Manager and authorised owner/shipyard ‘go-between’, but he is capable of coming up with intelligent, practical and workable solutions to often very complex technical problems.

In spring 2014, for example, Howard undertook Project Management responsibilities for a 56m Benetti, first constructed in 2005.

Having changed ownership several times, this particular yacht had lived a busy and successful life chartering and cruising, such that a 10 year survey at the beginning of last year determined that a repaint and various engineering ‘upgrades’ were called for.

Having been jointly involved with creation of the specification for the most recent refit - including original selection and approval of the contractors, refit-planning, fiscal management, execution and technical oversight – it was Howard who was best placed when expertise in composite solutions was called for. Overcoming an isolated instance, it transpired that Howard’s ideas were eventually adopted in preference to all others.   

During the same project, much of the steering gear had to be rebuilt and once again it was Howard’s foresight – by gaining access to the original 2005 sea-trials documentation - that proved invaluable when it came to assessing and signing-off the performance of the newly rebuilt system during her mid-July 2015 sea trials. 

In this case, having a permanent, independent Royale Oceanic Project Manager involved became even more apparent, for example, when Howard was able to jump onboard and assess actual working performance of the new air-conditioning system, which had seen 2/3rds of the original installation replaced as part of the latest engineering upgrades. And an example typical of the kind of post-refit checks that are probably best not left down to the responsibility of the crew.     

Other occasions on different projects have involved Howard acting as a technical conduit for the passing of information that has eventually proved itself to have been of great value to the captain and crew – information which may not have been made available without Howard’s independent, technical intervention.

Assisting in getting a major yacht back to full working service from a year or more out of service, is all part of the job. 

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