Launched in 2015 and designed to be the best of luxury design, Rox Star is the example of performance, saftey and entertainment, making her the sleek and obvious choice for an unforgettable vacation.

Rox Star's stunning interior is comtemporary yet features unique rock 'n' roll touches which are present in the artwork, furniture and fittings.  The full beam main salon offers a welcoming bar area, ideal to relish a cocktail before indulging in a wonderful meal in the dining area which accommodates 1o people comfortably.  The elegant skylight makes the salon delightful and extremely luminous.

Regardless of her immaculate styling, Rox Star allows for all manner of relaxation and fun with spacious sunbathing louging areas on the foredeck and shade on the aft deck.  At night, guests can enjoy the amazing view from the fore lounging area which gives the impression of being free.  She offers fantastic audio-visual equipment and an array of water sports to keep everyone entertained.