Royale Oceanic is a premier supplier of the highest quality services to the luxury yacht industry and emphasises its focus and experience on the purity of being luxury yacht specialists and therefore when Clients are considering the purchase or management of a new luxury yacht, our position remains unchallengeable.

Our business has been built over many years of listening to what Clients want and tailoring our services to deliver it – each and every time.  Our team has a passion for surpassing expectations and with regard to yacht services will go to great lengths to achieve delivery dates and budgets.  By combining the latest technology and modern, efficient systems with good old-fashioned values, we believe we have the correct formula for providing our Clients with yacht services that are second to none.

Without this ongoing commitment, we would not have become one of the finest independent full scope luxury yacht specialists in the world - a position we are proud of today.

Royale Oceanic applies innovative and green technologies to produce safe and superior yachts which fascinate and delight our customers.  Operational excellence and efficiency, along with inspired and high-performing people, are the key to our future success.  At the same time, our entrepreneurial activities are guided by the principle of sustainability.  Royale Oceanic personnel direct their actions towards the corporate values of passion, respect, integrity and discipline and they aim to set an example with ethical behaviour in conformance with applicable legislation.

Throughout its history, Royale Oceanic has consistently responded to challenges and opportunities with tireless originality, daring creativity and entrepreneurial gusto.  Our proven ability to absorb, improve and generate new technologies, processes and management philosophies have helped fuel our competitiveness and growth.

Royale Oceanic delivers turnkey solutions on time and on budget.  A dedicated team of in-house engineering resources focuses its extensive expertise and know-how on meeting special mission requirements.  Our in-house team and system integration capabilities provide a one-stop shop for all the needs of luxury yacht Owners.

Design, resulting in exquisite yachts, has made Royale Oceanic a destination of those seeking the best.  Royale Oceanic has a remarkably rich history, one that has shaped our strategies throughout the last fifty years and continues to exert a positive influence today.

Royale Oceanic is a unique company with strong ideals.  Our values and philosophies permeate through everything we do to ensure that we always remain true to our principles.  We constantly meet our own high demands and have a definite idea about who we are and how we approach things.  As a result, despite what others may be doing, we at Royale Oceanic actively seek to stretch boundaries and are committed to continual improvement.

Royale Oceanic remains an independent company and this could not have been achieved without a precise and rigorous set of governing principles.  Over the years several corporate values have emerged forming the backbone of Royale Oceanic.  Endowed with a code of ethics, nurtured by common sense and loyalty, the company has been gradually and calmly forged.